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Q. What Makes nuvafemme® Unique as a Soy Supplement ?
Derived from Organically Grown Soybeans
Derived from Certified Non-Genetically Modified Soybeans
The active ingredient in nuvafemme®, Genistein is the most widely studied isoflavone and has the best safety profile as evidenced by its classification under the US Food and Drug Administration
The active ingredient in nuvafemme®, Genistein, is extracted using ‘Double Standardization’ technology, in which a known and consistent content of active isoflavone (20mg) is delivered in every batch of product
GMP-approved Manufacturer – a manufacturing plant which has been certified to comply with WHO-GMP criteria, which requires the plant to have all the facilities, qualified personnel and Standard Operating Procedures to ensure that the products are manufactured under the strictest quality control standards
Q. I read that soy-derived isoflavones increase the risk of breast and uterine cancer. Is this true?

This is NOT TRUE for nuvafemme® as this product is manufactured utilising the ‘Double Standardization’ technology to extract, purify and to deliver a known, consistent content of 20mg of Genistein isoflavone in each dose. In addition, Genistein/Diadzein is now the most widely studied isoflavone, with a safety profile that has been classified as GRAS by the US Federal Drug Administration.

It is mainly the OTHER components of soy isoflavones that may cause breast and uterine cancer. However, ‘Double Standardization’ technology effectively purifies as it extracts and filters these out.

Q. Who should take nuvafemme® ?
A. nuvafemme® is generally suitable for ladies 15 years of age and above who desire beautiful, radiant skin and fuller, firmer breasts.
Q. What are Isoflavones? What is Genistein ?

Soy Isoflavones refer to a group of compounds extracted from soy. Chief among all the Isoflavones is Genistein, which is well known as a ‘phytoestrogen’ among the scientific community.

The word ‘phytoestrogen’ is derived from ‘Phyto’ meaning ‘plant’ and the female hormone estrogen. This implies Genistein’s ability to mimic the action of the female hormone naturally. Genistein is chemically similar to the female hormone estrogen and this similarity enables it to ‘smooth’ out any estrogen imbalances in her own body that may potentially result in a number of health concerns.

Q. Is nuvafemme® a drug ?
A. No. nuvafemme® is not a drug. It is extracted from Non-GMO Organic soy beans and utilizes the 'Double Standardization' Technology to ensure consistency and efficacy of the product. Each tablet of nuvafemme® contains a guaranteed amount of 20mg of Genistein.
Q. What is Non-GMO ?

GMO stands for ' Genetically Modified Organism . It means that the DNA of the organism (fruits, animals, vegetables) has been modified. Because the long term health effects of genetically modified foods are still not yet conclusive, it is best to avoid these foods for now.

At Nuvaceuticals, we believe in bringing you the best and safest products so therefore we choose to use only Non-GMO soy beans as the source of Genistein.

Q. Has nuvafemme® been tested for safety and efficacy ?
A. Yes. There are many studies & evidence that supports the safety of Genistein. Infact, recently the Japanese Office of Food safety Commision stated that consumer could safely take up to 70-75mg of isoflavones daily from food or supplement. The Comission further states that even exceeding this upper limit would not cause health damage.
Q. How much does nuvafemme® cost ?
A. nuvafemme® retails at RM 98.00 for a pack of 50 tablets.
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